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Rosie & Daisy - We Found Homes For Both!

Rosie Has Been Adopted And Daisy May Be Also!

Hi all. We are on another emergency need for these two sisters. They are just under a year old and are needing a foster or permanent home. Neither of them are currently spayed so we will take care of that once we can find them a place. They are located on farm land and like to chase the livestock which is a problem for them. The livestock gets stressed out with these two although they are not aggressive with them. The concern is that neighbors would not like it if they got on their property and they would be in danger. We are hoping to get them out by this weekend.

Rosie is the boxer with dot on her head and Daisy is the other one. They are crate trained and house broken (although we always advise new owners/fosters to help them acclimate within the first few weeks). They are currently not updated on their shots. There is a clinic this Sunday at Pet Vet Market in Albuquerque this weekend where we start their vaccinations.

Rosie and Daisy are both shy and fairly quiet. Rosie is more open to new people while Daisy takes a little more time to know someone. They normally sleep in a pen outside in the barn (but again, they are allowed inside too). They are both attached to each other but we are not necessarily looking to adopt them out together. 

Ashley - Has Been Adopted!

Here is Ashley, an 8 month old brindle boxer who is now looking for her permanent home. I first met Ashely at a trailer park in Rio Rancho and quickly realized that she had not been introduced to many people, dogs nor had any training. I took her for her first walk and every time we saw a person, she barked. She also was very aggressive whenever we came across a dog. I started walking her daily for about a week - walking through the parking lot of Smiths in RR so that she had no chance with all the people there and eventually stopped barking so much. As we progressed through the week, she even seemed more curious about other dogs instead of being aggressive. When she was spayed, I decided to introduce her to my pack (2 boxers and a husky) and she was fine - as a matter of fact, she was very submissive to them and just wanted to play.

She is sort of potty trained (and I say sort of because she will go outside to pee if I go out with her but she uses the dog door to go in and out). However, she does not go out on her own (coming back in is a different story).  I've only had a week with her, so she is learning but she is the first that does not just follow the dogs out back but watches them through the glass door until I go out. So, she is teaching me to try new things with her. She is very loving, loyal and playful. She tries to get in on the running of my husky and boxer and will do it just with one of them for a good 10 minutes. And she's fast!

Hudson - Has Been Adopted!

This is Hudson!  He is about 3 years old, neutered, microchipped and current on vaccinations as of 10/26/2023.  Interesting story about Hudson... He was found at a KOA campground in Tucumcari, NM.  No owner could be located and no one was actively looking for a boxer, specifically Hudson. Several people, including the local rescue, posted on social media about a found boxer at the KOA, but with no response.  The person who found Hudson was scheduled to leave for his next destination, so a Tucumcari rescue took him in for a few days until we were able to meet the transport just east of Clines Corners.  I have had Hudson since 10/24 and he seems like a good boy. Keep in mind he's still figuring it out, especially since he was just neutered on 10/26.  He plays with my female boxer of equal weight and they play pretty hard.   He kennels well and doesn't seem to mind when the other 3 dogs are out and he's kenneled.  He is also starved for human attention, which may be a result of being abandoned. The ideal family might be one with kids to play with, a high energy female to play with and also someone to take him on formal walks. He is not reactive on leash and walks very well. He does occasionally react to cars going by.

Cricket - Has Been Adopted Along With Charlie!

Hello, my name is Cricket and I am currently at a boarding kennel in Artesia NM, where my owners decided they no longer wanted me and left me here.  Her boarding kennel family thinks she's a really amazing boxer girl about 2 years old and is very sweet.  She gets along with everyone during play time.  Cricket is a doll and she would love a warm couch to lay on and a loving family to care for her.  She prefers to cuddle with men and children. Her boarding kennel family has agreed to hold on to her until the right family comes along. She's even good around the horses and goats who live next door to the boarding kennel.  She is now microchipped and current on vaccinations. She is spayed, house broken and crate trained.

Charlie - Has Been Adopted With Cricket!

Hello from Charlie! He is a boxer who we weren’t sure if he could or could not hear and it seems more and more every day that he has Selective Hearing Syndrome (not a thing).  Charlie gets along great with every other dog he has been introduced to.  He loves playing, sleeping, and eating.  Since he went to his foster home, he is just more interested in hanging out with his friends – four dogs including two boxers (male and female). At our yard sale, he met two other boxers (a male and female) and it was less than exciting – no one practically noticed and all ended up laying down along with him.  He is 55 pounds, up to date on his shots, microchipped and neutered. We think he is around two years old and we know he is full of energy.  Thanks to his foster mom he is learning some commands and slowly being comfortable in a crate. 

Heart Dog Behavior and Training


Hello Heart Dog friends!  Charlie not only has one of the sweetest and mellowest dispositions out there, but his foster mom has been doing great work with him to help get him ready for his future home. He can be a tiny bit shy with new people at first, but absolutely loves other dogs and would love to be a pack member in his new home. If you or someone you know is interested in taking this precious boy home, please reach out to us for more information!

Video courtesy of Heart Dog Behavior & Training

Ruger - Has Been Adopted!

This is Ruger!  He is about 3 years old, neutered and microchipped.  Ruger had been in a local shelter, when James at Canine Culture East stepped in and saw an opportunity to help this poor boy and also help the overcrowded shelter.  We met Ruger when we attended Woofstock in Edgewood on Saturday and fell in love. What a handsome boy and very playful. Dozens of dogs at this event and he wasn’t phased at all.  That’s because he spends everyday in doggy day care at Canine Culture. He is well liked among the staff at Canine Culture and gets along with most of the day care pups, but he needs to find his forever home with a family. We would encourage anyone that is interested in Ruger to hang out with him at Canine Culture East at the southeast corner of Tramway and San Rafael.     

Nala now Skeeter - Has Been Adopted!

Nala is a boxer mix who is younger than two years old (according to the vet); but we think she is a lot younger.  Nala was found hanging out in a neighborhood in the NE heights for a few days.  The neighborhood is isolated so most likely she was dumped there.  She was taken in by one of the residents and she quickly adapted to them. Nala is in good health and though a little skittish at first, she does warm up to people. She is a very mellow and affectionate dog! She is also very playful and plays and easily relaxes with those she is comfortable with. Nala’s favorite form of play is playing fetch with squeaky toys. She has met other dogs (a male boxer and her house siblings – two smaller chihuahuas).  She does seem to be interested in cats, but she seems more reactive to the cat in her foster house which could mean that she is just really excited to meet him, or she may not be that friendly with him. Her combined mellow and active nature would make her an excellent pet for those with an active lifestyle and a sizable backyard.

Lulu now Lucy - Has Found Her Fur-ever Home!

This is Lulu, a young 2 year old fawn female boxer.  She is not spayed or microchipped and needs to be properly vaccinated.  We will be scheduling all necessary appointments for Lulu soon.  As you can tell from the pictures Lulu is kept in a crate while inside and spends her days outside in the yard.  Anyone familiar with the Boxer breed knows that this is not a good situation.  Boxers are highly interactive, engaged and sensitive dogs. She weighs approximately 40 lbs, has a full tail and is not house trained. Lulu is described by her current owner as friendly, active and playful. Lulu has been great with the 5 kids and other dogs in our house.

Roxy - Has Been Adopted!