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Meet Our Rescued Boxers

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Donations of any amount are welcome. Your generosity is what keeps us able to rescue abandoned Boxers and provide them with a second chance at life.

Boxers in Need of Forever Homes

Meet our loving rescues who are looking for their new forever families. These pups are currently being cared for by wonderful folks who have agreed to open their homes to provide a stable environment to help them flourish.


Ruger - Is Looking For A New Home!

This is Ruger!  He is about 3 years old, neutered and microchipped.  Ruger had been in a local shelter, when James at Canine Culture East stepped in and saw an opportunity to help this poor boy and also help the overcrowded shelter.  We met Ruger when we attended Woofstock in Edgewood on Saturday and fell in love. What a handsome boy and very playful. Dozens of dogs at this event and he wasn’t phased at all.  That’s because he spends everyday in doggy day care at Canine Culture. He is well liked among the staff at Canine Culture and gets along with most of the day care pups, but he needs to find his forever home with a family. We would encourage anyone that is interested in Ruger to hang out with him at Canine Culture East at the southeast corner of Tramway and San Rafael.     

If you would like to learn more about Ruger or visit with him at Canine Culture, please contact us.

Charlie - Is Looking For A New Home!

Hello from Charlie! He is a boxer who we weren’t sure if he could or could not hear and it seems more and more every day that he has Selective Hearing Syndrome (not a thing).  Charlie gets along great with every other dog he has been introduced to.  He loves playing, sleeping, and eating.  Since he went to his foster home, he is just more interested in hanging out with his friends – four dogs including two boxers (male and female). At our yard sale, he met two other boxers (a male and female) and it was less than exciting – no one practically noticed and all ended up laying down along with him.  He is 55 pounds, up to date on his shots, microchipped and neutered. We think he is around two years old and we know he is full of energy.  Thanks to his foster mom he is learning some commands and slowly being comfortable in a crate.   If you are interested in learning more and possibly adopting Charlie, please contact us.

Oliver - Is Looking For A New Home!

Hi, my name is Oliver (although my foster mom calls me Ollie sometimes).  I am a boxer mix that was rescued after being found as a stray in Valencia county.  They think I’m probably about 6 months old.  I was pretty scared of everything at first and just wanted to hide, but I’m learning that the world isn’t so bad.  My foster brother has been teaching me that walks are fun.  I also like play time with him, but only if I get to be in charge.  My foster mom says says my name should be Chewbacca because of how I sound when I play. I like squeaky toys and snuggling on the couch when I’m done playing. My foster mom said that school would probably help me build my confidence too. And she says that since I like cookies, I will probably learn fast.  I already know how to use the doggy door and sit for cookies.  I like to use my big boy bark when I see the neighbors or the mailman, but if you come in, I’ll warm up to you pretty quick.  While I’m glad I’m off the street, I’d love to meet my fur-ever family.  Let’s meet!

If you are interested in learning more and possibly adopting Oliver, please contact us.

Nala - Is Looking For A New Home!

Nala is a boxer mix who is younger than two years old (according to the vet); but we think she is a lot younger.  Nala was found hanging out in a neighborhood in the NE heights for a few days.  The neighborhood is isolated so most likely she was dumped there.  She was taken in by one of the residents and she quickly adapted to them. Nala is in good health and though a little skittish at first, she does warm up to people. She is a very mellow and affectionate dog! She is also very playful and plays and easily relaxes with those she is comfortable with. Nala’s favorite form of play is playing fetch with squeaky toys. She has met other dogs (a male boxer and her house siblings – two smaller chihuahuas).  She does seem to be interested in cats, but she seems more reactive to the cat in her foster house which could mean that she is just really excited to meet him, or she may not be that friendly with him. Her combined mellow and active nature would make her an excellent pet for those with an active lifestyle and a sizable backyard.   If you are interested in learning more and possibly adopting Nala, please contact us.

Frodo - Has Been Adopted!

Here’s Frodo!  He is a three-year-old boxer who loves to cuddle, watch TV and nap.  He is probably the lowest energy boxer you will ever meet.  He does not like going outside too much at his foster home, so he may not be your best hiking buddy. But he will be the best lap warming friend during movie nights. He would be great in a home with cats and kids and possibly a female dog.  He doesn’t always get along with the other male dogs in the home, but it could also be because he wasn’t neutered until recently. Frodo is up to date on his shots and microchipped too.

Boxer and Boxer-Mix Local Shelter Link!

As a small rescue we have limited resources to be able to take in surrenders.  We do not have a brick and mortar location to be able to house Boxers.  We are hoping that this new feature will help you connect with boxers in the Albuquerque area.  Our link below will take you to the Adopt a pet website.  The search criteria for this link is a 50 mile radius of Albuquerque and must have boxer in the breed description.

>Adopt a Pet Boxer Search Here< 

Zoey - Is Looking For A New Home!

From the current owners:

Zoey is a sweet lovable dog, great with kids, cats, and chickens. However, she does not get along with our older female German Shepherd. It started out minor about 2 years ago, and it has progressively gotten worse over time.  We truly hate the fact that we need to surrender her, but the aggression between her and the shepherd is only increasing.  She is described as friendly, quiet, active, playful and affectionate.  Zoey is house broken, crate trained and spayed. She’s great with everyone except the shepherd.  Zoey tries to be a lap dog but she’s a little big for that. She’s playful and loving. Loves to show affection with kisses.  Zoey is a full blooded white Boxer with little black freckles. She’s 5 years old and has been great with kids, cats, and even chickens.  Zoey loves to run and play and is very obedient when on walks.   She will be loyal and loving to her new family.​ 

If you'd like to learn more or possibly adopt Zoey please contact Mark.

Sadie - Is Looking For Her New Home!

Sadie is approximately 6 years old and weighs in at about 55 lbs., she is crate trained, spayed and microchipped.  Sadie is described by her current owner as friendly, quiet, shy, playful, nervous and affectionate. We’ve been in an apartment for 3 years so she is used to being inside and in her crate. With age she has had accidents in the house. Our new rental does not allow pets. She has been in an apartment for some time and could use some outdoor space to run and play.  Sadie is a calm old girl. Cat and dog friendly.   Easy going and friendly to all. 

Please contact Julie at or Boxer Rescue at 

Please click a pic for the slide show.

Doomas - Is Looking For His New Home!

Just take a look at this adorable little boy with his cute eye patch.  He weighs in at about 60 lbs. and is crate and house trained.  Our hearts are broken to have to re-home our baby boy. He is very well behaved other than the issue with the other boxer. He sits and waits to eat even with his dish full and sitting in front of him, drooling bubbles until he is told "ok, go ahead." He loves to have his belly rubbed, he puts his paw up to pet you back, he can't get enough love. He sits on command, comes on command, and lays at our feet when hanging with the family. He sleeps in his crate and "goes to bed" on command and sleeps through the night.  Sweet lovable, and playful Boxer, perfect for a single pet home, ready to love you and be loved. He is very obedient, smart, playful, mostly calm, and affectionate.  The only issue is that he has become aggressive with our other boxer (11 years old).  We have tried training, and separation, unfortunately when we attempt to re-introduce after a few weeks the aggression returns. He is NOT aggressive towards the family or the other dog (Shitzu) just the other boxer.  Doom needs to be neutered and microchipped.

Please contact Alicia at or Boxer Rescue at 

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Sophie - Is Looking For Her New Home!

Sophie is a flashy fawn, spayed female, approximately seven years old who loves to go for walks and be with her human.  She is microchipped, crate trained and house trained.  Sophie weighs approximately 50 lbs and is current on vaccinations through Academy Pet Hospital.  Sophie is described as friendly, protective, playful, smart, affectionate, obedient and calm. She is in a house with 3 other dogs and does not get along with 2 of those dogs but loves to play with the third dog.  Sophie sleeps in her crate at night and loves her safe space.  Sophie is a sweetheart that loves to cuddle with her human.  She walks well on a leash and knows a few commands.  Sophie is looking for a human companion to love for the rest of her life.  Sophie loves walks & loves people! Get ready to snuggle & get plenty of boxer love.

Please contact Susan at or Boxer Rescue at 

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Snoopy and Gracie - Are Available for Adoption!

The City of Lordsburg has a sibling pair of Boxer mixes in the shelter that are in danger of euthanasia. Lordsburg has a very low adoption rate here and these two have been here before. They were adopted by an older couple a few months back, but due to failing health, they were brought back to me. The shelter is very over-crowded and these two and all the others are in danger. I have included their pics. The solid black headed dog is Gracie, and the blaze faced dog is Snoopy. They are very non-reactive with zero guarding tendencies. They are spayed, neutered, and completely vaccinated. They are both very sweet bundles of energy and I’d love nothing more than to see them safe.  Any help would be appreciated.
If you are interested in learning more and possibly adopting Gracie and Snoopy, please contact Stephanie.

Cash and June - Are Available for Re-home!

Reason for re-home by current owner:  Unfortunate circumstances are requiring us to drastically downsize including moving from our house to a small apartment and will be unable to take the dogs with us.

Both dogs are described as friendly, protective, active, playful, smart, affectionate and obedient. They are both crate trained and house broken, microchipped and current on their vaccinations.

Cash is super friendly and a big goof ball. He loves his walks and is great with kids and other dogs. He could use a little bit of training but is overall very well behaved and obedient. He pulls slightly on the leash while on walks but not to the point where he will pull the owner down. Cash is a loving, playful 2 year old Boxer/Heeler mix. While he looks a little more like a Heeler, he has the goofball personality of a boxer. He should have been named Prancer as he will prance around when he’s excited and happy. Cash loves kids and other dogs.

June - She is energetic and cuddly. Loves affection and going for walks. She will do best with a good sized yard to run around. This is June, a 2 year old boxer/Heeler mix. She is a very loving and energetic pup who is great with kids and other dogs. She loves her toys, preferably chew toys. She loves to run around the yard and chase a ball at the park.

If you are interested in learning more and possibly adopting June and Cash, please contact Sean.

Tarj'et - Is Available for Adoption!

A little back story first:

Originally we were contacted back in February by DAGSHIP (Deming Animal Guardians Sunshine Haven Intake Project) Rescue in Deming, NM.  They had reached out to see if we could help with a 2 year old boxer named Tarj'et.  A family had rescued him from a very bad home situation and was kind enough to take him in.  While the family had hoped they would be able to integrate Tarj'et into their family, they have been having issues with their older dog not accepting Tarj'et. Tarj'et is a really sweet boy,  timid at first but it took less than a minute for the Director of DAGSHIP to pet him and he was as sweet as can be. He walks well on leash, is house trained, works well with other dogs, and loves all people and kids, he does attach to women but is good with males also. He is already neutered and up-to-date on his shots and DAGSHIP will also be getting him a microchip.

Fast forward to today:

We thought he had been adopted but it turns out that the original family loved him so much, that they just couldn't let him go.  Since then they have really worked hard on trying to make it work. Right now Karen who has recently lost her husband to Covid simply cannot continue to have a divided house and take care of both dogs by herself. It all started when he was first rescued and very emaciated and was very protective of his food.  From Karen: He currently gets along great with a friends 8 month old mini healer.  Tar`jet just needs a chance for love and he's a cuddle bug in bed at night.  Please open your heart for my little buddy. I'd keep him. But I'm living 2 lives one is either outside and the other roaming the house with me or vice versa. We have included a more recent picture of Tarj'et below (last picture). Such a handsome boy! Please email us if you're interested.

Snuffy - Is Looking For His Fur-Ever Home!

From the current owner:  Snuffy (short for Snuffleupagus) is a 4 year old male brindle boxer not microchipped and not neutered, weighing in at about 60 lbs.  His owner describes him as quiet, playful, affectionate, obedient, protective, noisy, smart and calm. Snuffy has been humping and trying dominate my 11 year old daughter. For a year we have paid for training and talked with the vet about him doing it. Nothing is working at all. We have spent a lot of money and worked really hard and we're to the point that we have to consider my daughter's safety now.  Boxer Rescue will, as a matter of policy, have him neutered prior to his re-home.  He is currently located in Alamogordo with his owners.

If you would like to give Snuffy his forever home, please contact Bobbi at this email.

Zoey - Needs Her Fur-Ever Home!

From the current foster home:  We have been fostering an amazing girl Zoey since 5 Feb, who was rescued from an abusive home where she was chained to a tree and beaten with a leash.   We administered all of her shots, had her spayed 4 weeks ago and she is chipped, we have all of the documentation. She is both house trained and crate trained, knows most basic commands and will sit when feeding and not take it until you tell her it's okay.  Zoey is also a snuggle bug and loves to hang out with our grandkids...we have been trying to find a home for her but with no luck. She is such a good girl but we have 2 dogs (male and female) of our own and have been unable to integrate her into our pack as our female and her don't get along. She gets along fine with the male dog. Note from Boxer Rescue: We always recommend not having two females as it can be volatile.

If you would like to give Zoey her forever home, please contact Eric at this email.

Zarr - Re-home Courtesy Post!

Here are pictures of Zarr. He is a 10 year old neutered brindle boxer.  Deanne got him from the Corrales Animal Shelter where he was removed from his previous home due to abuse. Deanne fostered and eventually adopted him. However, Deanne's rottweiler for whatever reason decided he didn't like him and now just attacks him at random. A fight happened again yesterday and now we are treating all his wounds. I hate to have to give him up, but it's not fair to him to continue to keep getting beat up.

If you would like additional information about Zarr, please email Deanne.

Jovi - In Nearby Edgewood **  

Jovi is a 9 year old spayed fawn female weighing approximately 55 lbs. Her vaccinations are current and her medical records are with Canyon Crossroads.  The current owners are moving with very limited space for a Boxer.  Jovi is described as friendly, playful, nervous, smart, and active.

Jovi is crate trained and has no issues with other dogs. Cats are not recommended. Somewhat anxious if left alone. Current owner says only dog may be best.  She just wants to be with someone all day. Won’t approach strangers outside alone. On leash she will. She walks on leash but can pull. She doesn’t like strangers outside (ie: propane filling she could panic and jump fence). Otherwise doesn’t jump fence to escape. Current owners fence is 4-5 feet.  If you are interested please contact Ian the current owner.  Email:

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