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Surrender/Re-Home Form 

Complete and submit the Boxer Rescue of Albuquerque online surrender/re-home form. You will be asked to provide photographs at the end of this form; please provide the best possible quality, with full view of your dog as well as his/her face.

Your surrender/re-home information will not be published until adequate photographs have been provided to our organization. This form is used to provide important information to prospective adopters with the knowledge they need to make important decisions about adoption and is NOT a commitment to accept your pet into our rescue program. 

If your situation requires an immediate re-home, it is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate your request.

If you are currently dealing with aggression or other major issues requiring rehabiitation, as a small group we simply do not have the resources to rehabilitate your Boxer and cannot assume the additional liability.


Once this information is reviewed we can post your pet on our website with your contact information.

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